Far East Cafe - Chinatown, San Francisco.

On my recent trip to San Francisco I took it upon myself to become somewhat of a food blogger. San Francisco cuisine is diverse in culture, taste and price.

One particular night, my cousins, their families and I couldn't decide or agree upon a cuisine we both liked so we played it safe and decided to venture to Chinatown and try somewhere inexpensive and safe. We were recommended by our hotel to visit the Far East Cafe. In total there were 4 adults (including myself) and 2 kids. We ordered from the menu the "Far East Dinner", at $20.95 per person, for 4, playing it safe with the assumption that the kids wouldn't eat much or finish much, which was a good decision.

Fried prawns and barbecued spare ribs.
I thoroughly enjoyed this dish. The prawns weren't overcooked and the batter wasn't overbearing or salty and accompanied the sauce greatly. The ribs were juicy and succulent, albeit getting your hands messy.

 Hot and sour soup (vegetarian).
I didn't like this dish. Maybe I am bias in saying so because I've never been a fan of hot and sour soup. I'm more a chicken and corn soup sort of person. Although I did finish it because I had a sore throat that week and the weather was cold outside.

 Beef with mixed vegetables.
This was simple yet great. The vegetables were cooked well and the beef wasn't chewy.

 Prawns with honey walnut.
This was the highlight for me. I love prawns and these prawns were cooked to perfection and the honey flavour really complimented it well. The walnuts added an extra crunch and texture to the dish. I was being cheeky and finished most of this plate, in preservation from the other people at the table. Sneaky.

Kung Pao chicken.
I like spicy dishes, and this was spicy. However it did not "wow" me. It was quite average. 

Therefore the final results are:

Taste - 6/10
Value for money - 8/10
Service - 8/10

All in all, it didn't wow me but I would eat here again.

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